UNISOT: Building on Bitcoin SV

Bitcoin SV (BSV) has proven to be the enterprise blockchain of choice, with more businesses building on the massively scalable network. UNISOT is one of the most revolutionary platforms on the BSV network and is poised to change the core of global supply chains. The Norwegian enterprise blockchain service provider offers its users immutable audit trails, security and privacy that other enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems can’t.

While there are plenty of blockchain platforms available in the market, UNISOT selected Bitcoin SV, the most secure, cost efficient and scalable blockchain. BSV’s massive on-chain scaling supports high transaction throughput, with the Quasar protocol upgrade raising the block size hard cap to 2GB. This is crucial for UNISOT, especially since it targets the supply chain industry which handles a very high number of transactions globally.

Bitcoin SV also offers the most cost-efficient blockchain network, with the fees standing below $0.02 per transaction. This allows applications built on the BSV blockchain to facilitate micropayments for their users. Today, over $4 trillion is locked up and inactive at any given time in the global supply chains. This denies the participants the much-needed liquidity to conduct their activities. UNISOT relies on the low cost transactions enabled by Bitcoin SV to facilitate microtransactions on its platform.

UNISOT users also get to benefit from the token and smart contract protocol supported by BSV. The protocol supports over 45 asset types, from ERC20 tokens to shares and bonds, asset backed securities to futures. Moreover, unlike other smart contract networks, Bitcoin SV smart contracts are massively scalable. This is because each contract is executed by its own virtual machine. The execution of Bitcoin SV smart contracts doesn’t require GAS, instead relying on the normally low transactions fees.

Bitcoin SV’s scripting language is Turing complete or computationally universal. This means that it can solve any problem that a Turing machine can. This makes it possible for UNISOT’s platform to execute any algorithm.

And while the other Bitcoin projects have been corrupted or stalled by their developers, Bitcoin SV has worked towards restoring the original Bitcoin protocol as set out by Satoshi Nakamoto. This makes it more stable than any other blockchain platform in the market.

UNISOT is just one of the many enterprises that are building their applications on the Bitcoin SV network. These businesses and many more will all be attending the CoinGeek Seoul Conference come October 1 where the attendants get to learn how they can enhance BSV’s massive scaling, speed and low transaction fees to stay ahead of their competitors.

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The Bitcoin Vision: Episode 14

The Bitcoin Vision: Episode 14

Founding President of the Bitcoin Association Jimmy Nguyen is back this week for another update on technical developments in the Bitcoin SV ecosystem. Bitcoin SV is rebirth of the original Bitcoin, finally unlocking the true power of Bitcoin’s original design, protocol, and Satoshi Vision.

As always, there’s been more rapid growth in the ecosystem. This week is still all about growth as Nguyen looks at existing companies applications that are expanding their business or services on BSV, including UNISOT, WeatherSV, and RelayX and Relay One.

Norwegian company UNISOT recently secured some investors in its seed round, including tech entrepreneur and founder of Ayre Media, Calvin Ayre. UNISOT is building a supply chain management solution on the Bitcoin SV blockchain. This solution leverages Bitcoin blockchain’s ability to act as the Universal Source of Truth, and BSV’s massive scaling capacity to support enterprise-level activity.

UNISOT plans to use digital tokens and a smart contract system with a BSV-based token as they deliver improved Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems, with the addition of security and use of tokenization that BSV blockchain technology offers. Read more about UNISOT and its recent funding round here.

Meanwhile, the team behind Weather SV has also made a couple of announcements. First, in celebration of the almost 250 active weather channels, WeatherSV has committed to one year’s worth of channel funding, based on current fees, with each new activation.

Second, WeatherSV has also enabled a JSON API endpoint that is accessible from the blockchain. With this feature, users can now access the weather channel data from on-chain resources. Check it out here.

Jack Liu also relayed more good news for the Bitcoin SV ecosystem. The RelayX “Super Wallet” founder has announced Relay One, a simple button that allows online e-commerce, platforms and independent sites to accept payments from any local payment form that has been integrated in the Relay blockchain settlement network.

Jack explained in a Medium post how “The One button can easily be plugged into any website and appears just like any other payment method.” At launch, Relay will support payment forms including Bitcoin SV as well as WeChat Pay, and Alipay. Stay tuned because Relay will be opening private testing soon for interested merchants.

This week’s Satoshi shout-out goes out to the three finalists of the first ever Bitcoin SV Hackathon. Over 200 developers from 19 countries joined Bitcoin Association’s first ever virtual hackathon on BSV, and because the quality of the entries was so high, the judges named 14, rather than the originally expected 10, semi-finalists. From there, the entries were narrowed to the top 3: TonicPow, UptimeSV, and Polyglot.

Polyglot is designed to be Bitcoin SV’s most intuitive way to interact with a myriad of Metanet protocols through Python, while TonicPow enables peer to peer advertisements, allowing users to monetize their sites and earn BSV directly from advertisers, and UptimeSV is a distributed performance & uptime monitoring for robust, DDoS-hardened enterprise systems.

Watch The Bitcoin Vision: Episode 14.

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UNISOT将供应链解决方案带入比特币SV[BSV]区块链,并获得了卡尔文·艾尔(Calvin Ayre)投资

UNISOT将供应链解决方案带入比特币SV[BSV]区块链,并获得了卡尔文·艾尔(Calvin Ayre)投资

UNISOT™是一家挪威公司,其计划在比特币SV[BSV]区块链上推出供应链管理解决方案,获得了来自科技创业家、艾尔集团(Ayre Group)CoinGeek的创始人卡尔文·艾尔(Calvin Ayre)的种子轮投资。艾尔通过其CoinGeek采矿、媒体和投资运营为比特币SVBSV提供关键支持,并期待投资能显著提升BSV区块链使用率和交易量。因此艾尔加入了对UNISOT™的共同投资。

UNISOT™是一个革命性的开放式区块链平台和全球商用网络,其利用比特币的基础功能,扮演记录账本角色,同时成为“通用真实数据源(Universal Source of Truth)”。全球供应链市场规模达54万亿美元,是区块链转型的理想方向。使用区块链作为公开手段来跟踪供应链记录和交易,UNISOT™能为各大企业提供可靠、快速和安全的交易,及涵盖整条供应链的即时见解,从而帮助其更高效地跟踪和管理商品、零部件和服务流通。



  • 洞察和激励型信息交换,以便实时了解整个供应链,公司可在价值链上游和下游及时采取相关措施,减少99%以上延迟。通过微交易,变现公司的数据仓库信息,以激励信息交换。
  • 区块链数据交换(BDI是通过区块链实时进行的安全、加密和签名的P2P电子数据交换(EDI)通信。
  • 智能合约与代币能保证交易安全,节约时间和成本,无需代理商、公证人等第三方中介参与其中。
  • 数字孪生与产品基因,现实世界的商品在区块链上有数字等价物,便于公司快速跟踪商品在整条供应链(从开始到最终消费者)上的流通情况。
  • 国际结算与快速微支付,仅需常规银行收费的一小部分,就能实现实时国际结算,并且覆盖整条供应链。
  • 金融科技、代币化、稳定币、资产保证型借贷、保险、众筹等。
  • 消费应用程序鼓励消费者按个人偏好选择产品。

UNISOT™目前正联合优质合作企业和国际供应链公司共同开发UNISOT™企业平台。首款企业应用程序拟定于2019年秋发布,届时将由全球精选的ERP实施合作伙伴负责销售和实施。UNISOT™消费者应用程序将于今秋在Apple App Store和Google Play Store上推出。

鉴于UNISOT™力求推动全球供应链发展,其将需要大规模扩容的区块链支持。因此,UNISOT™选择将平台依托于BSV。比特币SV以比特币创建者中本聪的“中本聪愿景(Satoshi Vision)”命名,旨在恢复比特币原始协议、保持其稳定、允许其大规模扩容。2019年3月,BSV区块链见证了两个128MB创纪录区块,它们不仅是迄今为止公链上最大的区块,而且证明了比特币扩容的可行性。(相比之下,比特币核心[BTC]区块容量最高仅为1MB,无法支持像UNISOT™这样的企业应用程序)。借助128MB区块,BSV每秒可处理800多笔交易,同时可记录大型数据文件。此外,比特币SV正在紧锣密鼓地为吉字节(1000 MB)区块扩容做准备,最终目标为太子节(1百万MB)区块,以实现每秒可处理数十亿笔支付交易以及更大型的数据文件,并成为各行各业的全球数据账本。

UNISOT™创始人兼首席执行官斯蒂芬·尼尔森(Stephan Nilsson)拥有20余年ERP系统工作经验。他解释道:“我参加了去年11月在伦敦举办的‘CoinGeek周’活动,当时比特币算力大战刚结束,BSV出现并继续鼎力支持原始比特币协议。详细了解了BSV致力于大规模扩容、稳定协议和公链(非私链)的规划后,我坚信只有BSV能成为全球数据账本。当我们将全球规模最大的ERP系统SAP与这个‘通用真实数据源’比特币SV区块链整合时,将达到事半功倍的奇效。我要感谢卡尔文·艾尔信任我们能完成全球供应链的转型。”

卡尔文·艾尔评价道: “比特币的使用超乎人们的想象。比特币区块链将成为大型企业所有后台运行的中枢,其中包括供应链管理和ERP。这就是为何我乐于支持UNISOT™在BSV上创建大型企业应用程序的宏伟计划。”


比特币协会(致力于推动比特币SV的全球商业生态系统发展)创始会长兼nChain战略咨询委员会主席吉米·阮(Jimmy Nguyen)评论道:




UNISOT™相关问询:Stephan Nilsson,电子邮箱stephan@unisot.io

卡尔文·艾尔(Calvin Ayre)和艾尔集团(Ayre Group)媒体问询:Ed Pownall,电子邮箱ed@pownall.eu


UNISOT将供应链解决方案带入比特币SV[BSV]区块链,并获得了卡尔文·艾尔(Calvin Ayre)投资

UNISOT secures investor Calvin Ayre, as it brings supply chain solution to Bitcoin SV [BSV] blockchain

UNISOT™, a Norwegian venture with a supply chain management solution on the Bitcoin SV [BSV] blockchain, has secured investment in its seed round from Calvin Ayre, technology entrepreneur, and founder of Ayre Group and CoinGeek. Ayre is a key backer of Bitcoin SV [BSV], through his CoinGeek mining, media and investment operations, and expects the investment to provide a significant boost to BSV blockchain usage and transaction volume. Ayre joins other investors in UNISOT™.

UNISOT™ is a revolutionary open blockchain platform and global business network, that takes advantage of Bitcoin’s fundamental ability to act as a records ledger and be the “Universal Source of Truth.” Global supply chains are a $54 trillion market and ideal for blockchain transformation. Using the blockchain as a public means to track supply chain records and transactions, UNISOT™ enables enterprises to more efficiently track and manage travel of their goods, parts and services, with reliable, fast and secure transactions, and instantaneous insight across the entire supply chain.

UNISOT™ emerges from Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems, but adds the security, trust and tokenization that public blockchain technology offers. It integrates with ERP systems used globally – including SAP which processes 78% of the world’s supply chain transactions.

UNISOT™ will use a digital tokens & smart contract system (with a BSV-based token) to provide clients with unique features imbedded in its ERP system:

▪ Insight and incentivised information exchange, so the entire supply chain can be seen in real-time and companies can react instantly to actions both up and down the value chain, reducing latency by more than 99%. Information exchange is incentivised by micro transactions, monetising company’s data warehouse information.

▪ Blockchain Data Interchange (BDI), secure, encrypted, signed P2P Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) communication in real-time via blockchain

▪ Smart contracts & Tokens enable secure and guaranteed transactions, reducing time and cost because third party intermediaries such as agents or notaries are not involved.

▪ Digital Twins & Product DNA, real world commodities having a digital equivalent on the blockchain, enabling companies to quickly track items as they travel the supply chain from inception to consumer.

▪ International settlements & Fast micro-payments, enabling international real-time settlement, at a fraction of normal banking fees, across the supply chain.

▪ Fintech, tokenization, stable coin, asset-based lending, insurances, crowdfunding, etc.

▪ Consumer App empowers consumers to choose products based on their preferences.

The UNISOT™ Enterprise Platform is currently being developed in cooperation with selected enterprise partners and international supply chain corporations. The first enterprise applications are planned to be released in autumn 2019 and they will be sold and implemented by selected ERP implementation partners around the world. The UNISOT™ Consumer App will be available via Apple App Store and Google Play Store in the autumn.

Because UNISOT™ seeks to power the world’s supply chains, it requires a massively scaled blockchain. That is why UNISOT chose to build on BSV. Named for the “Satoshi Vision” of Bitcoin’s creator Satoshi Nakamoto, Bitcoin SV restores the original Bitcoin protocol, keeps it stable, and allows it to massively scale. In March 2019, BSV’s blockchain witnessed two 128MB record-setting blocks – the world’s largest ever on a public blockchain and proving that Bitcoin can scale. (For comparison, Bitcoin Core [BTC] has a small 1MB block cap and cannot support enterprise applications like UNISOT™). With 128MB blocks, BSV can handle 800+ payment transactions per second and record large data files. Going bigger, Bitcoin SV is preparing for gigabyte (1000 MB) and eventually terabyte (1 million MB) blocks to process billions of payment transactions per second and even larger data files, and become the global data ledger for all industries.

UNISOT™ Founder & CEO Stephan Nilsson has over 20 years’ experience working with ERP systems. He explains: “I attended CoinGeek Week in London last November, shortly after the Bitcoin hash war ended with BSV emerging to continue the original Bitcoin protocol. After hearing more about BSV’s commitment to massive scaling, a stable protocol and a public (not private) blockchain, I believe only BSV can be the world’s data ledger. When we merge the world’s largest ERP system – SAP – with the Universal Source of Truth – the Bitcoin SV blockchain – the result will be exponentially larger than the sum of its parts. I thank Calvin Ayre for his belief in our ability to transform the world’s supply chains.”

Calvin Ayre commented: “Bitcoin’s use can be so much more than people realize. The Bitcoin blockchain will be the backbone for all back-end operations for big business, and that includes supply chain management and ERP. That’s why I am excited to support UNISOT’s plan for big enterprise applications on BSV.”

Ayre’s investment is part of a broader collaboration. nChain, the global leader in advisory, research, and development of blockchain technologies, will support UNISOT™ with its technical consulting services and access to its vast intellectual property portfolio. Along with Ayre’s CoinGeek operations, nChain is another key backer of Bitcoin SV. nChain is working on a project for the massive EDI sector to be moved to the Bitcoin blockchain.

Jimmy Nguyen, Founding President of the Bitcoin Association (which advances Bitcoin SV’s global business ecosystem) and Chair of nChain’s Strategic Advisory Board, remarked:

“It’s time for Bitcoin to grow up and get down to serious business, and UNISOT™ is doing that with its platform for real enterprise and a business-minded team. We look forward to helping UNISOT™ demonstrate BSV’s power as a commodity data ledger, and invite more companies to build on the only massively scalable blockchain – Bitcoin SV.”

UNISOT™ CEO Stephan Nilsson will speak at the upcoming CoinGeek Toronto conference, May 29-30 in Toronto, and will discuss his decision to build UNISOT™ on BSV. The conference focuses on Bitcoin scaling with “No Limits”, and features the world leaders in blockchain scaling. This includes nChain’s development team which manages the BSV Node software and Scaling Test Network; they are available in Toronto to meet with companies interested in BSV scaling and application-building.

For UNISOT enquiries: Stephan Nilsson at stephan@unisot.io

For Calvin Ayre and Ayre Group media enquiries: Ed Pownall at ed@pownall.eu

For nChain media enquiries: media@nChain.com


Unisot’s Stephan Nilsson on building distributed database with Bitcoin

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) is defined as a suite of integrated applications that can be used for collection, storage, management and interpretation of data from core business processes, essentially to streamline an organization’s information and practices. To achieve this, ERP systems need a shared database that can support the different functions of a company’s multiple business units. This is where blockchain technology comes in.

For Norwegian startup company Unisot, blockchain is a key element the industry needs today to build “a distributed database that all companies can use.” Stephan Nilsson, founder and CEO of Unisot, describes it as a “central database”—but decentralized due to the nature of blockchain.

“It’s totally decentralized, but by using one and the same database for all companies, we get away with a lot of the problems that we have today with people having different information in different companies,” he explained.

Nilsson is a solution architect, with over two decades of experience building integrations between companies. In his work as integration consultant, Nilsson said he’d been building integrations between companies and what he noticed was that they’ve been doing the same integrations—an area where blockchain tech can be utilized.

“What I see with the blockchain system, with decentralized blockchain database, we can actually use that as the communication system so we don’t need all these integrations, we just have one integration with the blockchain, where everything is secure, quick and very cheap,” he said.

Unisot is building an enterprise ERP-blockchain platform and an Open Global Business Network for supply chains. The platform was initially developed on the Bitcoin Core (BTC) chain, but Nilsson said they had to stop following the debate of block size scaling amid the rising transaction fees, which “was totally unusable for enterprise system.”

The development was revived with Bitcoin Cash, but following the November 2018 hard fork event, Unisot has elected to continue to project in the “most efficient” Bitcoin SV (BSV) network.

“We are very pragmatic, we are not closed into one blockchain system. We will go with the blockchain system that is working in our enterprise product. Currently today, the things are developing so fast here now so Bitcoin SV is today the most efficient,” Nilsson said.

If you want to learn more about all the developments happening with Bitcoin SV, come join all the world leaders in on-chain scaling at the CoinGeek Toronto conference this May. Registering takes just a few minutes, and you can save money by using Bitcoin SV via Coingate.