Bitcoin SV thriving with massive scaling, big blocks every day

Big blocks are becoming an everyday affair for the Bitcoin SV (BSV) blockchain. After the world saw the first 128MB block mined on March 30, several more big blocks have been mined, proving again and again that when Bitcoin was unleashed, it provided possibilities the world was waiting for.

On March 31, at 7:41 p.m. UTC, another 128MB block was mined, this time by CoinGeek Mining. It held 1,398 transactions, and came with an award of 1.27 BSV, higher than the regular block award. That’s crucial, as it demonstrates scaling to allow more transactions in a block, and thus higher fees for the miner, provides a new economic model for miners to pursue for profitability, and allow Bitcoin’s success in the long term.

This block size isn’t a fluke either. The blockchain also saw an 87MB block and a 101MB block on March 31. BSV is proving that the Bitcoin Core (BTC) crowd couldn’t have been more wrong when they said big blocks couldn’t be done. It’s also proving that Bitcoin Cash ABC’s (BCHABC) path of instability and protocol changes drove users and developers away. Instead, they came to BSV, the only crypto using Bitcoin’s original whitepaper as intended, because of the stability it guarantees, and the limitless on-chain possibilities it’s creating from massive scaling.

The long term profitability created by these big blocks, and all the transaction fees they net for miners, can’t be emphasized enough. This is what Bitcoin’s business model was always meant to be, to ensure miners always had a reason to focus their efforts on the blockchain, gaining transaction fees for their work when block rewards dry up.

Instead, the BTC developers who hijacked its protocol and development sold fairy tales of the “Lightning Network.” That model simply isn’t Bitcoin anymore, doesn’t benefit miners, and would only help to enrich the few involved with its creation.

Thankfully, the BSV team has stuck to its convictions, and we’re now seeing the fruits of their labor. The business community has recognized that and come along for the ride too, making these big blocks possible.

Many of these recent record breaking blocks can be credited to the work of Ryan X. Charles and his Money Button team. Their creation of BitPaste, and the new “parallel swipe Money Button,” allowed Charles to fill at least three of these record setting blocks with transactions. He also showed the world how you can use the blockchain to its fullest potential (at least until it scales further) with tools already available to the public.

All of this proves that Satoshi’s original vision, now followed by BSV, has saved Bitcoin. The path championed by Dr. Craig Wright, Bitcoin Association Founding President Jimmy Nguyen, and well supported by Ryan X. Charles, is creating a world of new possibilities, and for miners, revenue streams. The conditions that created a nightmare for BTC in late 2017, namely a high volume of transactions, is creating rich possibilities with BSV.

BTC proved that without scaling, Bitcoin will die. BSV is now proving that when you unleash the blockchain, Bitcoin thrives.

If you want to celebrate the renewed life of Bitcoin, and the development of Bitcoin SV, what better way than to join the CoinGeek Toronto scaling conference. It’s easy to register, and use the world’s new money to register, and get a discount, by using BitcoinSV via Coingate.

Bitcoin SV (BSV) mines world record 103 MB block on 10th anniversary of Bitcoin genesis block



BSV在2018年11月15日备受争议的比特币现金硬分叉中脱颖而出,致力于保护比特币的原始设计。比特币SV是以比特币创始人中本聪提出的“中本聪愿景(Satoshi Vision)”命名,其使命在于:回归原始的比特币协议,使其保持稳定,并允许其大规模扩容。BSV旨在让比特币成为数十亿人使用的全球新货币,并让各大企业有信心在这一全球公链上发展壮大。

与其他区块链项目不同的是,BSV持续突破大规模链上扩容上限。2018年11月,专业压力测试使用比特币SV(当时为比特币现金协议的一种实现)挖出了创下当时纪录的巨大区块。在这一测试中,CoinGeek Mining挖出了64MB区块,SVPool挖出了38MB区块(SVPool是由nChain首席科学家克雷格·怀特博士个人倡议发起的)。一个月之后,圣诞节当天,Mempool挖出了65MB区块。如今,随着103MB区块的巨大飞跃,比特币SV持续展示了其突破界限的潜力。


位于中国的Mempool在进行测试时挖出了创纪录的103MB区块。Mempool 首席行政官兼联合创始人林哲明表示:

Mempool致力于成为比特币生态系统中举足轻重的矿工组织。在测试工作中,我们了解到了有助于引领比特币未来的重要知识。我们期待与nChainCoinGeek Mining等组织共同协作、参与竞争,以挖出更大区块并实现比特币的中本聪愿景。 比特币SV是唯一遵循中本聪白皮书进行实现的比特币。




Bitcoin SV (BSV) mines world record 103 MB block on 10th anniversary of Bitcoin genesis block

Bitcoin SV (BSV) mines world record 103MB block on 10th anniversary of Bitcoin genesis block

Bitcoin SV (BSV), the only blockchain continuing the original Bitcoin vision, has mined a 103MB block, the world’s largest ever on a public blockchain. The first to ever cross the 100MB threshold, the block was mined on January 3 at block height 563638 containing 460,400 transactions by Mempool, a mining pool based in China. Fittingly, the record-setting block was mined on the 10-year anniversary of the genesis block, which originated the Bitcoin blockchain. This latest scaling achievement confirms Bitcoin SV is on the correct path to becoming the world’s enterprise blockchain.

Emerging from the November 15, 2018 contentious hard fork of Bitcoin Cash, BSV is dedicated to preserve Bitcoin’s original design. Named for the “Satoshi Vision” of Bitcoin’s creator Satoshi Nakamoto, Bitcoin SV’s mission is focused: restore the original Bitcoin protocol, keep it stable, and allow it to massively scale. BSV aims to make Bitcoin the world’s new money used by billions of people, and the global public blockchain upon major enterprises can confidently build.

Unlike other blockchain projects, BSV continues to push the boundaries of massive on-chain scaling. In November 2018, a Professional Stress Test resulted in then-record size blocks mined using Bitcoin SV (at the time, an implementation of the Bitcoin Cash protocol). The test produced a 64MB block mined by CoinGeek Mining and a 38MB block came mined by SVPool, a personal initiative of nChain Chief Scientist Dr. Craig S. Wright. A month later, on Christmas day, Mempool mined a 65MB block. Now with a big leap to a 103MB block, Bitcoin SV continues to demonstrate its boundary-pushing potential.

These progressive results confirm that Bitcoin SV is correct to trust the Satoshi Vision with its scaling roadmap to build a blockchain suitable for enterprise usage. In contrast, Bitcoin Core (BTC) continues to restrict its block cap to a small 1MB (4MB capacity with SegWit) and has veered away from Bitcoin by introducing Segregated Witness and off-chain processing solutions such as Lightning Network. Likewise, Bitcoin Cash ABC (BCH/BAB) has made significant technical changes which also move away from Satoshi Vision and pursues a slower scaling roadmap than BSV.

The 103MB world record block was mined as the result of testing work done by Mempool in China. Mempool CEO and Co-founder Lin Zheming remarked:

“Mempool is committed to being a serious miner in the bitcoin ecosystem. From our testing work, we learn valuable information which will help the future of the bitcoin. We look forward to collaborating and compete with nChain, CoinGeek Mining, and others to achieve much bigger blocks and fulfill the Satoshi Vision for Bitcoin. Bitcoin SV is the only bitcoin implemented as described in the Satoshi whitepaper.”

For 2019, scaling work is the key priority for Bitcoin SV. Another Professional Stress Test is being planned for the near future, and hopes to demonstrate even greater throughput capacity for the BSV blockchain.

Scaling is critical to ensure miners remain profitable. Next year, the Bitcoin block reward will halve again from 12.5 coins to 6.25 coins; it will halve again every several years after that. For miners to stay profitable, they need to make up the lost block reward value through higher volumes of transaction fees. That means Bitcoin need much bigger blocks, to fit large numbers of increasingly diverse transactions beyond simple payments, such as token, smart contract and other data transactions. BSV provides the path for miners to generate more transaction fee revenue for years into the future.

Miners welcome: bComm Association offers perks to members

Miners welcome: bComm Association offers perks to members

Ten years removed from the Bitcoin genesis block, and Bitcoin is thriving in the form of Bitcoin SV (BSV), the only coin out there that realizes the potential of cryptocurrency as first conceived by Satoshi Nakamoto.

BSV is for miners looking for long-term profitability amid next year’s halving of the block reward, and subsequent halvings in the years to come. To stay profitable, Bitcoin has to continue scaling, allowing for larger and larger blocks to be mined.

Jimmy Nguyen, founding president of the bComm Association, has put it this way: “[W]e need much bigger blocks, to fit large numbers of increasingly diverse transactions – not just simple payments, but token, smart contract and a wide array of data transactions. BSV intends to massively scale to gigabyte size and one day, terabyte size blocks. BSV will be the world’s global public ledger, processing billions of transactions a day, and earning miners revenue for years to come.”

To maximize the benefits of mining BSV, miners are encouraged to be a part of the bComm Association. As the BSV community grows, with businesses including wallet providers such as CentBee and HandCash, and content monetization apps such as Keyport TV and, members can stay up to date on industry players and remain in the know regarding all things BSV.

As part of the bComm Association, miners can network to optimize their business, connecting with platform developers according to their particular needs.

An added benefit to membership in the bComm Association is being automatically invited to its events, such as last November’s CoinGeek Week, which included a special Miners Day, featuring all the latest developments in the industry, such as the most efficient chips and rigs coming to the market.

In the latest edition of BSV Weekly, published by the bComm Association, Nguyen said that this year “will see a dedicated focus on scaling – working on the tools and improvements to support massive on-chain scaling.”

The association is also for investors, merchants, developers, and exchanges who recognize the future of money and commerce in blockchain, specifically BSV.

Join the bComm Association today. And to stay up to date on Twitter, follow the official bComm Association account.

Bitcoin SV mines 65MB block on Bitcoin SV

Mempool mines 65MB block on Bitcoin SV

There’s another reason for celebration in the Bitcoin SV ecosystem this holiday season. On Christmas Day, Mempool mined the first 65MB block on the Bitcoin SV chain, now the world’s largest ever on a public blockchain.

The 65MB block came at block height 562257, mined at 9:34 a.m. on December 25, and accounted for 288,233 transactions, according to Bitfire data. The transactions were part of an independent testing done by the Mempool team in which they loaded transactions directly into the mining node, resulting in the big block mined.

Bitcoin SV mines 65MB block on Bitcoin SV

It’s worth noting that the 65MB block came three minutes after the previous block was mined—and in that short period of time, the mining pool managed to stuff over 288,000 transactions into the mempool. The mining pool supports Bitcoin SV as it “believes in the Satoshi Vision that is described in the original Bitcoin whitepaper.”

The 65MB block broke the previous record set by CoinGeek Mining during the professional stress test of the BCH network hash war. Bitcoin SV, the only chain that follows the original Satoshi Vision for Bitcoin, continues to demonstrate its record-setting capabilities, with larger blocks mined with 38MB followed by 64MB, and now 65MB.

It may look like a small increase, but this is just the beginning for Bitcoin SV. The network is gearing up for another professional stress test, where it will show that substantially bigger blocks—up to 128MB—can be done on the blockchain. CoinGeek founder Calvin Ayre predicts the next stress test “will also be the last nail in the coffin of any belief in the self-serving and ultimately, ironically self-failing lie of on chain scaling being dangerous.”

2019 is definitely the year of massive on-chain scaling—with Bitcoin SV, the only enterprise-friendly blockchain and token with a clear and focused mission to restore the original Satoshi protocol, keep it stable, and enable it to massively scale on-chain. Be part of this exciting time and community by joining the bComm Association, a network of hundreds of bCommerce experts from around the world.

As the Founding President of bComm Association, Jimmy Nguyen, puts it, now is the time to come together and “bring to life the Satoshi Vision.” He says, “Join us on this exciting journey to make BSV the world’s new money and the global public ledger for the world’s enterprises.”

Why the future of mining is tied to massive scaling and that means Bitcoin SV

By now, everyone knows Bitcoin SV successfully mined a 64 MB block, the largest ever on a public blockchain. It could mine a substantially bigger one if not distracted by the wasteful Hash war Bitmain and forced on the industry because they forked away from Bitcoin to their new ABC coin. This proves that Bitcoin SV scales today as we have promised for a while now.

Why is this important to miners? The reason is the Bitcoin block reward will halve again in just over a year (from 12.5 to 6.25 coins for each block), and then halve again every several years after that. As this happens, if transaction fees do not replace the reduced block reward, Bitcoin mining will not remain profitable. We also want to ensure individual transaction fees remain low so the Bitcoin network can work for an electronic cash system and to support advanced technical features. The only way to increase overall revenue from transaction fees is for the blockchain to massively scale, and to enable huge volumes of low cost microtransactions. This is the only way to drive both Miner revenues and market demand for mining hardware. Therefore, if miners do not support Bitcoin SV and its scaling roadmap, they would be following a path that ends in their own destruction.

Bitcoin SV is the only cryptocurrency with a blockchain that massively scales, the only that has utility value, and the only one that can do it all. BSV will most likely take over and replace all other non-scaling platforms. This will then also grow real utility value in BSV.

But it is important to understand that value in a chain which has no utilitarian use is fake value, and the current dump we are seeing is the market coming to realize that the current alt-coins are all worthless.

I personally look forward to a future where there is only one chain, Bitcoin SV, and this one chain does it all. But it all starts and ends with scaling. Because of this, I believe Bitcoin SV is the only token you can retreat to and have any hope of retaining your value in the current market correction.

Everyone should come to CoinGeek Week this week in London, where thought leaders in this space will be discussing the power of original Bitcoin in Bitcoin SV.

Genesis Mining team makes a desperate plea to miners

Genesis Mining, the cloud-based cryptocurrency mining service, is hoping a marketing gimmick will help it attract new subscribers. After running a Halloween special that offered as much as 25% in discounts on new package subscriptions, the company is at it again, hoping to capitalize on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. It has taken the campaign to a new level, however, and is offering a 25% discount on all contracts.

According to a notice that was send to current subscribers, Genesis wrote, “It is Cyber Monday and our Black Friday Week special is on the home straight. You have until midnight (CET) today to take advantage of our best Black Friday deal ever – a 25% discount on all our Hashpower including our NEW $50 TH/s 2-year Bitcoin mining contracts. So don’t hesitate any longer – go ahead and make your purchase! All you need to do is use the Promo Code ‘BlackFriday25’ during the purchase checkout process.”

Genesis has apparently needed to receive major cash injections to stay afloat. It recently emerged from a six-month cease-and-desist order in South Carolina and soon after announced changes to its subscription service in an effort to overcome a difficult year. It indicated that certain users would be obligated to upgrade to a five-year plan or face having their contracts suspended. In making its announcement, it gave the indication that it has not been able to produce the revenue that it had anticipated all year.

It has been a challenging year for many in the crypto industry, but some have weathered the storm better than others. 2019 is going to bring even more changes to the space and will be the year that truly identifies cryptocurrency’s potential. It’s for this reason that those blockchains that are not ready to scale will suffer greatly. The market slide has caused the waters to recede, exposing the vulnerabilities and models of those cryptocurrencies that do not provide any real utility.

Bitcoin SV is poised to be the one blockchain that can embrace the future and the growth explosion that is going to come. Those networks that are not prepared for scalability on a large level are going to be left behind and will ultimately find themselves in a position that forces them into dissolution.

CoinGeek Week Conference begins tomorrow

Are you ready for CoinGeek Week Conference?

If you haven’t already purchased your tickets to the hottest cryptocurrency conference of the fall, time is almost up. The CoinGeek Week conference is happening this week in London, featuring an all-star cast of crypto and blockchain experts to guide the community into 2019 and beyond.

The conference is one of the most important events for everyone in the crypto space. However, Miner’s Day will undoubtedly be the highlight. The special, invitation-only event was added to the conference in order to give crypto miners the perfect opportunity to learn about the changes seen recently in Bitcoin BCH and to understand what is going on with Bitcoin SV and the future of mining operations.

Miner’s Day will be held tomorrow, November 27. Following it will be three more exciting days of events, information sharing, seminars and workshops that will deliver an experience unlike any other crypto conference. CoinGeek Week is being held at The Mermaid at Puddle Dock in London, an amazing venue that will provide an incredible backdrop for this one-of-a-kind event.

November 28 of the conference is geared specifically for application developers. It will give attendees the opportunity to learn everything they need to know about what is going on with the latest in blockchain technology. November 29 is for application merchants and will provide significant insight on how to get the edge on the competition. Following each day’s activities, there will be a casual meet-and-greet event where attendees can network and forge new business alliances.

The last day of the conference is dedicated to the future—where blockchains and Bitcoin BCH are headed. This is an excellent way to pool together all of the information presented throughout the conference and attendees will walk away knowing that they have an important role in shaping cryptocurrency’s future. Following the activity, those who have attended all four days are invited to a special after party hosted by CoinGeek founder Calvin Ayre, bringing to a close this incredible conference.

Tickets are on sale now, but there are only a few tickets remaining. You can purchase yours today using either Bitcoin BCH on the CoinGeek website or, if you prefer, with a credit card through Eventbrite. Don’t be stuck on the sidelines watching history being made—get in the game and help make it happen.

CoinGeek Week shaping up to be a historic event

CoinGeek Week shaping up to be a historic event

November is an important month for Bitcoin BCH and its enthusiasts. The blockchain is about to see a major network upgrade, which will be followed by a stress test to see how strong the network is. Those following current Bitcoin BCH events know that the network has already been proven to be substantially more capable than other cryptocurrency networks and a large part of that success can be attributed to the miners who have helped to ensure network stability.

In two weeks, CoinGeek is holding its CoinGeek Week Conference—the perfect place to hear from thought leaders about the implications of the worlds first Bitcoin Hash War fought according to Nakamoto Consensus. Recently added to the lineup is Miner’s Day, an invitation-only event dedicated to miners and mining activity, which is perfectly timed to follow the work being seen on the Bitcoin BCH blockchain. It gives miners the opportunity to hear from the experts on how this month’s activity has gone and what’s in store for future developments.

Miner’s Day is also a chance for miners, mining pools and their representatives to meet other miners, creating new alliances in the process. It is undoubtedly one of the most important conferences this fall for anyone in the mining community. Attendance is open only to invitees—if you would like to learn more or secure a seat, check out the CoinGeek Week Miner’s Day page.

After Miner’s Day on November 27, the following day is dedicated to application developers, while November 29 is specifically for application merchants. The last day will delve deep into the future of Bitcoin BCH and cryptocurrency, giving attendees an opportunity to communicate with experts and help forge the path for digital currency.

The CoinGeek Week Conference is important for anyone already involved in crypto, as well as those looking to get started. As the only cryptocurrency that is being developed to truly serve as a digital currency, Bitcoin BCH has the most potential to make a difference in the retail industry. Networking events held during the conference will be the perfect time to shake hands and expand business relationships.

CoinGeek Week will be held at The Mermaid at Puddle Dock in London. Tickets are required and space is limited, so don’t delay. For those attendees who purchase tickets for the entire conference, CoinGeek’s Calvin Ayre will hold an after party on the night of November 30, which is destined to be one of the greatest parties of the year.

Ticket purchasing using Bitcoin BCH can be made directly on the CoinGeek website. If you prefer to pay with Visa, MasterCard or American Express, Eventbrite is the solution. Remember—time is running out and no one can afford to miss this incredible opportunity to be a part of history.

New BCH mining pool Mempool stays true to ‘miners choice’ philosophy and supports Bitcoin SV



上周六,Mempool宣布其矿池同时在比特币现金网络以及比特币上对矿工“即时开放”。 对于BCH来说, Mempool将在即将到来的11月15日协议更新后运行Bitcoin SV全节点实现。这一实现方式旨在支持最初的比特币中本聪愿景(Satoshi Vision,简称“SV”)。

该矿池在其公告中写道:“Mempool坚信最初比特币白皮书中描述的中本聪愿景。 “Mempool将参与和专业挖矿组织之间的竞争,与其财库存款人分享池内收益。”

Mempool忠于“矿工选择、矿工为先”的中本聪愿景,让其比特币现金矿工选择以比特币现金(SV)或比特币的形式收取酬金。 该矿池表示,“由于市场中不同加密货币的流动性不同或与其金融基础设施的整合度不同,有些矿工对于使用哪种加密货币有自己的偏好。” 对于即将到来且争议不断的比特币现金硬分叉来说,许多矿工希望支持Bitcoin SV实现,但是担心收到的比特币现金无法立刻变现。 Mempool允许其比特币现金矿池中的矿工选择以比特币的形式收款,而比特币未来在比特币现金哈希算力大战后依旧具有流动性,这样就解决了矿工的担忧,或者也可以选择直接收取比特币现金(SV)代币。

矿工可以使用该矿池简单易用的网站设置页面,选择自己所挖掘的加密货币以及希望以哪种加密货币收款,此外还可以选择奖励模式,即PPLNS“Pay-per-last-N-shares” (根据过去的N个股份來支付收益)或PPS“Pay-per-share ” (每股付费+)。

Mempool矿池的另外一个独一无二的特点是财务存款,可以让矿工兑换自己收到的比特币现金,甚至可以将比特币转换为比特币现金(SV)。 据Mempool表示,未来这将“有助于让矿工收到的回报保持稳定并且分享矿池的收益。”

如果矿工在挖掘一种区块链,但是希望收到另一种加密货币(例如,挖掘的是比特币现金(SV),但是希望收到比特币),那么Mempool财务部门将负责进行支付。 财务部门为每种加密货币单独设立账户,当挖出一个区块时,区块奖励会分发到相应的账户,然后通过相应的账户付款给矿工。

为了计算某个矿工可以收到的数字货币的数量,Mempool根据Poloniex和BitAsiaEx的数据来建立了一个不断浮动的24小时平均价位。 Mempool表示,账户余额只能在收到100次区块确认后才能提取,从而确保矿池不会受到区块链重组的影响。

该矿池还指出:“我们鼓励您持有您认为未来会升值的加密货币。 决定权在您手中。 如果比特币现金成为了世界货币,随着时间的推移如果使用比特币现金的人逐渐增多,对比特币现金的需求也会不断上升。”

Mempool目前正在限时特惠零矿池手续费(只针对单独区块链的独立挖矿)以及零兑换费。 11月15日,整个矿池将主要开采比特币现金(SV)区块链,但是矿工仍然可以通过财务部门将回报兑换为比特币。 未来,矿池手续费和加密货币兑换费将由矿工自身承担并根据其份额分配到相应的财务账户中。然而目前,可以将其作为一种将比特币转换为比特币现金(SV)的简易方法。

此外,Mempool还取消了独自开采一条区块链所收取的费用,并对此解释道:“自发行起,我们应该就能够进行独自开采比特币现金,但是为了独自开采比特币现金并且保持盈利,我们需要增加至少2个哈希算力。 因此,在我们发展壮大之前,我们将使用合作方的矿池,将我们的哈希算力指向该矿池并与其合并。 该合作伙伴的矿池手续费从5%起,带入的算力越多,价格将越便宜。

Mempool使用可一种创新方法来展示矿工抉择的力量,承诺为了实现中本聪愿景,将召集矿工来支持Bitcoin SV 的路线图。

To learn more about the mining pool’s unique features, contact Mempool.

SVPool nears 20% of global BCH hash power

SVPool nears 20% of global BCH hash power

Bitcoin BCH mining pool SVPool holds 19.44% of global Bitcoin BCH hash power as of November 12, second only to the CoinGeek pool holding 29.17%.

Trailing behind are BMG Pool (11.81%), AntPool (6.94%), (6.25%), ViaBTC (4.86%), (4.86%), (4.86%), okminer (3.47%), Waterhole (2.78%), F2Pool (0.69%), and P2Pool (0.69%). Other pools account for the remaining 4.17% of BCH hash power.

SVPool nears 20% of global BCH hash power

On a seven-day basis, SVPool holds 13.8% of BCH hash power.

SVPool nears 20% of global BCH hash power

SVPool, a personal initiative of nChain chief scientist Dr. Craig Wright, allows miners of BCH who believe in the original Satoshi Nakamoto vision for Bitcoin, to generate greater revenue for the long term. It initially offers zero fees to miners, and has launched with a Pay-per-last-N shares (PPLNS) reward system, with Pay-per-share plus (PPS+) options to come in the next few weeks.

As Dr. Wright puts it, “Miners need to be empowered to drive things forward,” rather than be subject to developers’ dictates.

SVPool is for miners who believe in allowing immediately for massive scaling, as part of ensuring they remain profitable, where bigger blocks also mean higher-volume transactions and more transaction fees to collect for miners. Increasing the default maximum block size to 128MB is a step to larger blocks later on. This is crucial for when the block reward halves in two years and every four years afterwards. SVPool also boasts of having a world-class, highly responsive customer service team in both English and Chinese, to ensure miners have the best experience.

The pool runs Bitcoin SV (Satoshi Vision), the full node implementation that maintains the original Satoshi protocol, keeping it stable, while enabling the BCH network to scale and become truly professionalized. The Bitcoin SV implementation allows global enterprises to confidently operate and build their major projects on a stable, scalable BCH protocol.

Interested in learning more about Satoshi Vision, Bitcoin SV and SVPool? Join the gathering of miners at the upcoming Miners Day, happening as part of the CoinGeek Week Conference in London on Nov. 27-30. It’s the perfect opportunity to meet the members of the BCH community and discuss not just the ongoing reality of Miners Choice for Bitcoin going forward but also why enterprise applications needing Bitcoin should stop moving in order for the ecosystem to grow. Secure your seat to the four-day conference today via Eventbrite. Also, join the (free) bComm Association and be part of the revolution.

Only two weeks remain to sign up for CoinGeek Week

Only 2 weeks remain to sign up for CoinGeek Week

Undoubtedly, one of the most important cryptocurrency conferences of this fall is rapidly approaching. CoinGeek Week will be held in just about two weeks and, due to requests from the mining community, a new day of events has been added especially for crypto miners.

On November 27, a special invitation-only event—the Miners Day—will be held in London. Following the completion of the Bitcoin BCH hard fork and a major stress test of the blockchain’s capabilities, this will be a unique opportunity to understand where the blockchain is headed and how the November events will impact the future.

Miner’s Day is open to the mining community by invitation only. There will be representatives present from the mining pools, software developers, equipment manufacturers and experts behind the latest mining innovations. If you would like to attend, contact CoinGeek.

Everyone is watching to see how the Bitcoin BCH hard fork goes in just a few days. Regardless of the outcome, Bitcoin BCH will continue to be the strong, leading digital currency that it is today. It continues to be embraced by the global retail industry on an exponential basis and doesn’t show any signs of slowing down. The CoinGeek Week conference will be the perfect opportunity to get together with those involved in the hard fork in order to understand the current state of the blockchain and what’s in the pipeline.

Following Miner’s Day, November 28-30 are days dedicated to developers, merchants and the future. Apart from the intense learning experiences, there will also be a number of networking events, giving attendees the opportunity to make new alliances and expand their business interests. This is a golden opportunity that can’t be missed by anyone ready to embrace cryptocurrency.

The November 28-30 CoinGeek Week conference will be held at The Mermaid, Puddle Dock in London. Following the last day of activities, CoinGeek founder and Bitcoin BCH proponent Calvin Ayre will host one of his world-famous after parties for attendees who have made it to all the activities. It’s the perfect way to wrap up a perfect conference.

Tickets are on sale now, but space is running out quickly. You can purchase your ticket today using either Bitcoin BCH on the CoinGeek website or, if you prefer, with a credit card through Eventbrite. Don’t wait—register now and don’t just witness history—be a part of it.