Jimmy Nguyen: Bitcoin SV (BSV) Building the Regulation-Friendly Ecosystem

The cryptocurrency world has been marred by the criminal activities of a few who would seek to carve out their own fortunes rather than build something bigger. That’s not the original vision of Bitcoin, and as Bitcoin Association Founding President Jimmy Nguyen told the crowd at the Expo-Bitcoin International 2019 in Bogota, Colombia, Bitcoin SV is fighting for a better regulated industry to protect consumers.

As Nguyen showed, the digital currency industry needs better protections against the foolishness and criminality of even once respected businesses. QuadrigaCX is the perfect example of this. Deceased founder Gerald Cotten was once a respected member of the Canadian cryptocurrency scene, but as the exchange failed, stories of improperly handled private keys and mismanagement of user funds proved that a lack of regulations had failed Canadians.

“Things like this have been happening in the cryptocurrency world and that’s why some people are afraid of it,” Nguyen noted. “It’s why some governments are afraid of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency.” (6:13)

As Founding President of the Bitcoin Association, Jimmy Nguyen and Bitcoin’s creator Dr. Craig Wright are trying to make a difference in this area by encouraging world governments to firm up regulations. “Yesterday Craig Wright and I had the fortune, thanks to Boris, to speak before Craig spoke before the Council of Bogota,” Nguyen explained, “and we spoke with other government officials and we talked to him about the need of creating a lawful environment because we don’t want this to happen to people if you’re going to invest in or use cryptocurrency you want to feel that it’s safe.” (6:20)

To explain how deep this problem goes, Nguyen told the story of Bitfinex and Tether. Through Tether’s stablecoin, which has been proven can be printed with nearly nothing to back its value, the price of SegWitCoin (BTC) has soared on exchanges like Bitfinex. To protect this criminal manipulation of the markets, BTC supporters have argued for the anonymity of cryptocurrency, which misleads the world into believing that’s what Bitcoin offers. As Nguyen told the Bogota crowd, that’s just not true:

“If you create a completely anonymous system of money, do you know what happens? People use it for illegal things. They use it for terrorists and criminals. Is that what we want? It’s not what we want and it’s not what Craig created Bitcoin for. So that’s why Bitcoin SV (BSV) is not only the only blockchain that’s pursuing the original Satoshi Vision created by Craig Wright, is pursuing a vision to mass scaling, huge blocks for huge business for fast transactions all over the world, but we are building an environment that is regulation, government, and business friendly.” (12:02)

To accomplish BSV’s regulatory friendly goals, it seeks to promote privacy, not anonymity. It encourages Money Services Businesses (MSBs) to follow all know your customer (KYC) and anti-money laundering (AML) laws. Through Tokenized, it looks to implement tokens based on real-world assets, compliant with all securities regulations. It sheds relationships with bucket shop crypto exchanges in favor of utility based exchanges like Float SV, who practice proper oversight to protect investors. Finally, unlike Tether, it only associates with stablecoin tokens with verifiable, auditable backed up assets.

Using proper regulation and supervision, BSV looks to embrace the laws of the land, through which it can gain the public’s confidence and realize mass adoption. “Bitcoin is sunlight. It’s not darkness,” Nguyen noted. “It’s a blockchain, a public, record keeping system which anyone should be able to look at, and while your name may not be attached to it, the history of transactions, the history of records is something that is meant to provide more truth to the world.” (32:58)

Nguyen concludes:

“And that’s the final thought I will you on. Bitcoin is about truth. It’s about providing more truth to the world and it’s providing all of the users of it, people in this room like you, we hope one day four billion people around the world more financial power over their own lives, more financial services, and the truth of a Bitcoin currency and blockchain that brings sunlight to the world.” (36:18)


Expo-Bitcoin International 2019 brings advocates of real Bitcoin to Latin America

For the supporters of the original Bitcoin, as envisioned by Satoshi Nakamoto, here’s a challenge for you: can you live in a space where everything uses Bitcoin SV for a week?

That’s just one of the things that attendees can expect at the upcoming Expo-Bitcoin International 2019 in Bogota, Colombia—the first of its kind to take place in Latin America. The five-day conference features a host of opportunities for both the Bitcoin society and cryptocurrency enthusiasts alike to discuss adoption and learn “what Bitcoin already is.”

Event organizer Bitek describes Expo-Bitcoin as “a marketplace that functions as a small world where Bitcoin is the only payment method.” In an interview with CoinGeek, CEO Boris Javier Barrera Garcia explains:

“People will have the opportunity to live five days of a socio-economic experiment in a space where everything uses Bitcoin (SV); the reality is that a new community is being shaped by this libertarian money. This is really disruptive, so we have made a real bet for Bitcoin SV from the very beginning, since you cannot buy your tickets for the Arena but by using Bitcoin SV and everything you see at the Exhibit, you will be able to purchase using BSV—other cryptos also allowed depending on the merchant but no fiat currency is allowed. In the end, we want to demonstrate that markets can work in compliance with legal rules using Bitcoin as a mean of exchange.”

Expo-Bitcoin International 2019 will take place on June 19-23 at the Corferias, the international convention center that has hosted events in the country since 1954. Among the key features of this landmark event is The Marketplace, which has over 200 commercial stands offering products for sale with BSV, and The Bitcoin Arena, where delegates can watch as the brightest minds of the BSV society discuss Satoshi’s vision—from Bitcoin creator Dr. Craig Wright and Founding President of the Bitcoin Association Jimmy Nguyen, to BSV experts including MoneyButton CEO Ryan X. Charles, nChain CTO Steve Shadders, HandCash CEO Alex Agut, and other thought leaders like Coinlogiq CEO Dwayne Golden Senior, NEM Foundation Council Manager Pedro E. Gutierrez, medical surgeon Dr. Miguel Parra Saavedra, and Bitcoin advocate Connor Murray, among others.

“The Bitcoin Arena is the Agora of the modern economic thinkers. We brought the best, those who understood the importance of Bitcoin and the instrumental role of a stable protocol in Bitcoin,” Garcia says. “Many others fell in the way of confusion, but a remnant stays with the flag of this Libertarian, respectful of the law, peer to peer, Caesar-less money. That discussion not only about the technical topics but the philosophical views of Bitcoin have amazing importance that history will ponder.”

The event, as Garcia puts it, is all about allowing the laymen to experience Bitcoin in a marketplace where merchants are protected “as they would be in the real world by third parties like Bitek.” It’s also the perfect opportunity for network marketers in Colombia “who need to understand that Bitcoin is money, not another ‘get rich fast’ scheme.”

He notes, “We at Bitek always believed that real adoption needs payment processors since Bitcoin is not legal tender, most of the commerce would need to have cash flow in their local currency and that, among other reasons is why they are afraid to receive Bitcoin openly as a mean of exchange, so having POS applications with payment processing is absolutely necessary in this early stages.”

Colombia is just the first for Expo-Bitcoin International. Bitek plans to hold the event every two years going forward. According to Garcia, “We are Colombians, we love our country and we think this is an important door to Latin America. Beyond that fact, being objective, Colombia has the fifth largest bitcoin community in Latin America, and the third fastest growing in volume of Bitcoin transactions. And Bogota is the neuralgic center of this fever. We need to hit in Bogota first, but also Medellin is a very important node in this ecosystem, we plan to be there in the future. Other cities in Latin America are very important so we think in the future we have a lot of places to look at.”

It’s not too late to join this history-making conference. Get your tickets now, and seize the opportunity to learn more about BSV and find out all the ways it will change the future.

Expo-Bitcoin International 2019: 200 businesses to accept Bitcoin SV

Expo-Bitcoin International 2019: 200 businesses to accept Bitcoin SV

The Expo-Bitcoin International 2019 is going to be a world class showcase of the best the Bitcoin world has to offer. Besides an impressive roster of speakers, the conference is set to show the world that Colombia can bring big businesses to the world of Bitcoin.

The conference will span five days, from June 19 to 23, in Bogotá, Colombia. It will be hosted by the Corferias, the international convention center that has hosted events since 1954.

One of the key features of the conference will be The Marketplace, an exposition of over 200 commercial stands offering products for sale exclusively with Bitcoin SV (BSV). It will be a great chance for visitors, of which 25,000 are now expected, to experience a new way of doing commerce with the only digital currency built to massively scale to the needs of these businesses.

The Bitcoin Arena, a 2,000-seat venue, will be the place for attendees to gather and watch the brightest minds of the BSV world discuss Satoshi’s vision, and what’s coming next on the BSV blockchain. As the conference states:

“In the Expo-Bitcoin Arena, we brought the most influential minds of our time in this matter to unveil the true power and purpose of this Bitcoin Technology, Metanet, and the future of the Internet of value with Bitcoin. Also, we will turn on a lighthouse for the governments around the world, so they can adapt and survive, and reach the safe haven of this peaceful Economic and Social revolution.”

Expo-Bitcoin International 2019 is operated by Bitek, the Colombian cryptocurrency payment processor. They have been a firm believer in the original Satoshi Vision, and have advocated for a better education of digital currencies in Colombia for some time now.

The conference, which will be held every two years going forward, looks like its set to achieve that goal. With hands-on opportunities to use BSV, and five full days of speakers to talk about the possibilities offered to businesses and customers by using Bitcoin, attendees will find there’s a lot to take away.

If you want to join those 25,000 attendees in attendance, it’s not too late. Get your tickets now so you can have a chance to learn about BSV and find out all the ways it can change the future.

Expo-Bitcoin International 2019: All-star lineup of Bitcoin speakers

All-star lineup of Bitcoin speakers coming to Expo-Bitcoin International 2019

The Expo-Bitcoin International 2019 is set to bring the top minds of the Bitcoin world to Bogotá, Colombia, between June 19 and 23. With the aim of uniting the world into one peaceful revolution of Bitcoin, the conference has an agenda that all the most important elements of the technology.

Day 1 will be focused on the original vision of Bitcoin, now championed by Bitcoin SV (BSV). It kicks off with a 10:00 a.m. address from the Founding President of the Bitcoin Association, Jimmy Nguyen. The rest of the day will feature some of the top minds of BSV, including CEO of Money Button Ryan X Charles, CEO of Centbee Lorien Gamaroff, CEO of Handcash Alex Agut and nChain’s Technical Director Steve Shadders, amongst others. The day wraps up with a panel discussion of all the speakers, a can’t miss event.

The 20,000 expected attendees are set to see the creator of Bitcoin himself, Dr. Craig Wright on Day 2. He will be speaking to the audience at 5:05 p.m., preceded by another important figure in the BSV world, CEO of Bitstocks Michael Hudson. The two will join the rest of the speakers of the day for the 5:50pm panel discussion titled “Bitcoin vs Altcoins.”

On Day 3, co-founder of Centbee Angus Brown will take the stage, and Nguyen and Wright will return to speak once again. All three are likely to take the side of regulation in the closing panel titled, “Bitcoin: Regulation or Unregulation, what is the wisest path.”

Day 4 will have a focus on Graph theory, an important topic to the BSV blockchain, and Wright, Hudson, Charles and Memo CEO Jason Cavannes will be speaking to the crowd. You can expect to see the speakers in the final panel, “Human networks and computer networks: New economy and informational resources.”

The Metanet will be the focus of Day 5, and that means you can expect to see the top minds of BSV once again. Wright, Nguyen, Shadders, Gamaroff, Charles and Agut will return, and they’ll all take the stage for the final panel, “How is the Metanet society in 20 years.”

That’s an all-star lineup of speakers, talking about the most important aspects of Bitcoin today. If you can make it to Bogotá, tickets are 40% off if you can get them during the pre-sale.