Bitcoin SV Vision: Episode 25

President of the Bitcoin Association Jimmy Nguyen is back with a new episode of the Bitcoin Vision, looking at the latest developments in the BSV ecosystem. In this episode, Nguyen looks at the latest progress in BSV’s journey as it continues to grow towards massive scale adoption, to meet the original whitepaper vision of bitcoin.

CambrianBSV Bootcamp

Many leaders from the development community came together for the CambrianBSV Bootcamp, a week-long intensive program for building on BSV, with a focus on applications generating transactions on the BSV blockchain.

Organized in partnership with the Bitcoin Association, the event took place in the idyllic surroundings of Bali, Indonesia, bringing together top BSV developers from around the world to share their knowledge.

Leading developers spend the week collaborating with and learning from their peers, with representatives from some of the world’s most notable BSV projects in attendance. Throughout the week, workshops from leading developers, as well as live video meetings with academics like nChain’s Dr. Craig Wright, helped the event get off to a flying start.

Nguyen said the Bitcoin Association was delighted to help with the event, and extended the invitation of support to other groups thinking about launching their own BSV bootcamps and events.

2nd BSV Virtual Hackathon

Nguyen discussed the 2nd BSV Virtual Hackathon, ahead of final judging at the CoinGeek Seoul Conference on October 1-2. During the event, the three finalists from the virtual hackathon held in August will be judged by a panel of industry experts plus the CoinGeek Seoul audience, to determine which project ultimately goes on to be declared the winner.

The judging panel for the event will be comprised of nChain CTO Steve Shadders and nChain chief scientist Dr. Craig Wright. They will be joined by Lin Zheming, CEO and founder of Mempool, as well as prolific tech investor and film producer Sam Chi.

Their votes will be combined with a single audience vote to determine which of the projects is the overall winner, and to determine the share of the $35,000 prize fund—payable of course in BSV. 


In a sign of the growing appeal of BSV to crypto users on a mass scale, hardware wallet manufacturer Ellipal announced it has added support for BSV to its leading Titan wallet. A super secure storage system for crypto assets, the wallet allows users to store private keys offline for maximum security, which provides an easy to use interface for a seamless user experience.

According to Ellipal, support for BSV was introduced in response to strong user demand, at a time when more people than ever are choosing BSV as the original and most effective vision of bitcoin.


Ever fancied winning some BSV? Now you can, with BitBoss. BitBoss has introduced the world’s first casino tokens on the tokenized protocol, designed for use in gaming applications.

The tokens mean mobile games can run using BSV or custom casino tokens recorded on the blockchain, with double-sped protection in place to guarantee security. The tokens can initially be used in conjunction with games like lotteries and baccarat, demonstrating the capabilities of the token which could ultimately become a standard in blockchain gaming.

The choice to release on BSV means microtransactions can take place on a low cost, fast settlement basis, allowing for more efficient gaming on the blockchain.


Notable BSV supporter WallStreet5 is back with another generous donation to furthering the work of the Bitcoin Association and BSV. WallStreet5 previously donated BSV to fund travel costs of developers to attend CoinGeek Toronto, and has repeated the feat with an offer of up 150 BSV in donations to the Bitcoin Association to fund more places at the conference.

Thanks to their generosity, approximately 20 developers, including runners-up for the Hackathon event, will now be able to travel to Seoul for the CoinGeek Conference on an all-expenses paid basis—more than worthy of this episode’s Satoshi Shout-Out.

The CoinGeek Seoul Conference runs from October 1-2. Get 20% off the conference tickets when buying with BSV, plus conference attendees can also take advantage of exclusive discount to the Le Meridien Seoul. Check out this link, select “Group code” at the Special Rates tab and simply type the promo code RE1RE1A to receive the hotel discount.

Ellipal announces Bitcoin SV support in time for Titan launch

On August 28, Ellipal, one of the most secure hardware wallets on the market, announced they have added Bitcoin SV (BSV) support to their wallets. To find out more about the wallet maker, and their decision to embrace BSV, we reached out and asked some questions.

The decision to add BSV support to ELLIPAL came down to a couple of key factors: user demand and importance to the marketplace. “BSV has a large user base and one of the major coin, hence supporting BSV,” their team told us. “We received many requests to support BSV, so as a wallet, we are happy to support it.”

The ELLIPAL wallet was built with security at the top of mind, and it makes an excellent new storage option for the BSV community. And very recently, the company also announced the ELLIPAL Titan is now being shipped worldwide. The team was happy to tell us that both of their offerings support BSV. They wrote, “The new firmware is supported on both original ELLIPAL and ELLIPAL Titan. Both can be updated by users themselves at home.”

What are the advantages to buying an Ellipal Titan? They listed out three great reasons the Titan is both the most secure and easy to use cold storage solution available. “Firstly, it is what we call a true air-gapped wallet,” they explained. “ELLIPAL only works through QR codes so it doesn’t need conenctions like USB or Bluetooth like the other wallets. Because it doesn’t need these connections, we can manufacture the whole wallet to be completely air-gapped without any limitations. Its impossible to attack the wallet through any networks.”

Second: The ELLIPAL Titan is built in an IP65 rated metal frame. It is not only strong but it has anti-tamper and anti-disassembly qualities. This means the wallet cannot be easily cracked open by hackers without very professional tools (we have heat tested and stress tested etc.) and if they do, the screen and circuit would break, destroying the wallet before they could do anything.

But that security doesn’t come at the cost of a friendly user experience. “It is very easy to use,” they noted. “It has a large, clear, responsive touch screen with our own easy to use UI. People of all ages can use it, in fact, we have the most elderly and female users in proportion compared to other wallets. The wallet also works with your mobile phone so no need to rely on computers anymore.”

That’s a pretty convincing argument. If you’re looking for the safest place to save your BSV, its worth checking out Ellipal for their quality products.