Easy file and text sharing on the Bitcoin blockchain: Bitpaste review

Out of the many real-world developments being seen on Bitcoin SV (BSV), BitPaste is the latest to receive the spotlight. As with any new application (does anyone remember what apps looked like when Windows was first launched?), BitPaste is still in its infancy and has room to improve, but it is already more robust than similar apps, making a function used every day by millions even easier. It is now possible to share files or text with anyone, anywhere with the BSV blockchain.

In accessing the BitPaste website, users have the choice of sending text, code or even a file. A range of formatting options are possible, including the ability to insert HTML codes and graphics, quotations, bullet points and much more. Sending a file is as simple as dragging it to the platform. From there, the user only has to save the file and then send the location to share it. 

Once the file is saved and the address created, users can send the hash to whomever they want. The recipient can take the address to the website, insert it into the search field and view the results.  It took all of three seconds for me to create this file. Just copy the link, go to BitPaste.app, paste it and see the results. 

When the file is saved, a little bit of BSV has to be paid, which is, of course, understandable. However, it’s only less than $0.01, making it a fair deal. By monetizing the sharing process, it helps to reduce the amount of clutter and FUD that could otherwise be introduced.

As with anything done on the blockchain, the file will remain in place and intact, unable to be changed by anyone. If you want to check back ten years from now, that address should still show the same results. This is one of the reasons blockchain technology really shines. It allows information to be stored and shared on a permanent basis, with no possible chance the information can be altered.


Bitcoin SV thriving with massive scaling, big blocks every day

Big blocks are becoming an everyday affair for the Bitcoin SV (BSV) blockchain. After the world saw the first 128MB block mined on March 30, several more big blocks have been mined, proving again and again that when Bitcoin was unleashed, it provided possibilities the world was waiting for.

On March 31, at 7:41 p.m. UTC, another 128MB block was mined, this time by CoinGeek Mining. It held 1,398 transactions, and came with an award of 1.27 BSV, higher than the regular block award. That’s crucial, as it demonstrates scaling to allow more transactions in a block, and thus higher fees for the miner, provides a new economic model for miners to pursue for profitability, and allow Bitcoin’s success in the long term.

This block size isn’t a fluke either. The blockchain also saw an 87MB block and a 101MB block on March 31. BSV is proving that the Bitcoin Core (BTC) crowd couldn’t have been more wrong when they said big blocks couldn’t be done. It’s also proving that Bitcoin Cash ABC’s (BCHABC) path of instability and protocol changes drove users and developers away. Instead, they came to BSV, the only crypto using Bitcoin’s original whitepaper as intended, because of the stability it guarantees, and the limitless on-chain possibilities it’s creating from massive scaling.

The long term profitability created by these big blocks, and all the transaction fees they net for miners, can’t be emphasized enough. This is what Bitcoin’s business model was always meant to be, to ensure miners always had a reason to focus their efforts on the blockchain, gaining transaction fees for their work when block rewards dry up.

Instead, the BTC developers who hijacked its protocol and development sold fairy tales of the “Lightning Network.” That model simply isn’t Bitcoin anymore, doesn’t benefit miners, and would only help to enrich the few involved with its creation.

Thankfully, the BSV team has stuck to its convictions, and we’re now seeing the fruits of their labor. The business community has recognized that and come along for the ride too, making these big blocks possible.

Many of these recent record breaking blocks can be credited to the work of Ryan X. Charles and his Money Button team. Their creation of BitPaste, and the new “parallel swipe Money Button,” allowed Charles to fill at least three of these record setting blocks with transactions. He also showed the world how you can use the blockchain to its fullest potential (at least until it scales further) with tools already available to the public.

All of this proves that Satoshi’s original vision, now followed by BSV, has saved Bitcoin. The path championed by Dr. Craig Wright, Bitcoin Association Founding President Jimmy Nguyen, and well supported by Ryan X. Charles, is creating a world of new possibilities, and for miners, revenue streams. The conditions that created a nightmare for BTC in late 2017, namely a high volume of transactions, is creating rich possibilities with BSV.

BTC proved that without scaling, Bitcoin will die. BSV is now proving that when you unleash the blockchain, Bitcoin thrives.

If you want to celebrate the renewed life of Bitcoin, and the development of Bitcoin SV, what better way than to join the CoinGeek Toronto scaling conference. It’s easy to register, and use the world’s new money to register, and get a discount, by using BitcoinSV via Coingate.