Craig Wright joins ‘global centralized financial system’ panel at CC Forum

Dr. Craig S. Wright has joined the panel that will be discussing the global centralized financial system, its flaws, challenges and possible solutions at the upcoming CC Forum London Investment in Blockchain and AI conference. Dr. Wright joins other distinguished members of the panel who will discuss the way ahead for the financial system.

Other members of the panel will include Dr. Nouriel Roubini, an American economist popularly known as Dr. Doom. Roubini is well-known in the crypto community, mostly for his unceasing attacks on crypto which according to him are a pump and dump scheme. A lecturer at New York University’s Stern School of Business, Roubini made a name for himself as one of the very few economists who predicted the 2008 U.S housing bubble crash.

Other panelists will include Brock Pierce, a crypto entrepreneur who has been involved in numerous crypto projects. Pierce was one of the founders of, the company behind the EOS.IO software that the EOS blockchain is built on. He is also a co-founder of the EOS Alliance, Blockchain Capital, Tether and Mastercoin. As CoinGeek reported earlier this year, Pierce became the recipient of the first-ever crypto-backed mortgage.

Dr. Wright will also be joined on stage by Tone Vays, a crypto content creator known for his YouTube videos. The former VP at JP Morgan Chase has been educating the masses on crypto since 2013.

Bobby Lee will also join the panel. Lee founded BTCC in 2011 and acted as its CEO. BTCC was China’s first crypto exchange and for a number of years, one of the largest in the world. He is also a member of the board of directors at the Bitcoin Foundation and the founder of Ballet, a crypto hardware wallet.

CC Forum will also attract some key speakers from politicians and regulators, to leaders in the tech and business world. Members of the British Parliament including Lord Holmes, Lord Smith and Lord Waverly will address such issues as cryptocurrency regulation and how the government can create an enabling environment for the industry.

From the tech world, global leaders such as Huawei’s CTO Jorge Sebastiao; Fernando Martinho, the co-founder of blockchain cybersecurity firm Naoris and renowned doctor of artificial intelligence Fatmah Baothman will also be in attendance.

The financial industry will be well represented as well by titans such as Tim Draper, Guenther Dobrauz-Saldapenna, a partner at PwC Zurich; Steve Kelso, an executive at Galaxy Digital; Kenji Manno, the founder of Fusion Bank and more.

Dr. Wright will get to discuss the choking centralization of the financial system, an issue that’s dear to him. Having invented Bitcoin a decade ago to decentralize finance through peer-to-peer payments, Dr. Wright has been at the forefront in advocating for decentralization. The event will give him yet another opportunity to interact with leaders from several sectors and regions and spread the gospel of Bitcoin.

At the recently-held CoinGeek Seoul Conference, Dr. Wright revealed that he believes that using Bitcoin and blockchain technology, we can build a world where people works together as peers in building applications that incentivize crime to die. The only way to do this is through having more peer-to-peer interactions across the world and building on Bitcoin.

The CC Forum conference will be held on 14-16 October at the Queen Elizabeth II Conference Center in London. The event will focus on the impact that blockchain technology and AI are having in modern times and how to best enhance it. Grab your ticket now and secure a front row seat to listen to Satoshi Nakamoto as he shares his wisdom with the world.